BTG offers litigation support services for civil cases, to include document scanning, paralegal services, document analysis, trial support, De Novo, and more!  We’re here to help you and your staff litigate your civil cases as efficiently and effectively as possible.  We have several pricing options available and are ready to help in any way that we can!

Effective Litigation Support Services and Solutions For Legal Teams

Document Scanning
We will scan and OCR any loose documents you may require.

Paralegal Hours
We have paralegals with over 15 years of experience in complex civil and criminal litigation offering a lengthy list of services from the beginning of your case to the end.

Document Analysis
We will review your documentation to tell you what it is, when you got it, and what’s in it.  We also work with complex data and data sets to render them searchable and reviewable, including large email files in numerous formats.

Online Review Platform
De Novo is our cloud-based review platform that allows access to organized discovery from any place on any desktop, laptop, or tablet (Macs or PCs), with an internet connection.

Trial Support
We can create trial presentations, exhibits, openings, closings, and provide necessary technology to help your case in court!  We can also help you prepare for trial with transcript summaries, witness binders, mock trials, and more!