BTG has created its own proprietary cloud-based review platform that allows access to organized discovery from any place on any desktop, laptop, or tablet (Macs or PCs), with an internet connection.  De Novo enables users to sort, filter, search, tag, and take notes on any discovery documents or discovery objects that they deem necessary to review and/or extract from a larger discovery data set.  Additionally, De Novo allows users to perform full-text keyword searches through all documentation using words or phrases as well as advanced searching with Boolean terms, fuzzy searching, and wildcard searching.  De Novo also empowers users to collaborate with their staff and co-counsel through an intuitive note-taking and document tagging system.  Users may customize nearly every aspect of De Novo to suit their needs and the needs of individual cases.  De Novo was designed and built with simplicity and efficiency in mind, and, like all things BTG, will help streamline the litigation process for all involved!

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